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Outboard Guide
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The powerhead contains the engine and is generally the first place to check if you're having problems starting or running your outboard.

Engine will not crank or turn over

Select this option in the situation where turning the key or pressing the start button doesn't result in the engine cranking, or turning over.

Engine cranks but will not start

Select this option it the engine is cranking (turning over) but not starting. This includes pull start engines that turn freely when you pull on the starter cord.

The engine will run, but is hard to start

Sometimes an engine is hard to start, but it will run fine once it does start. This most commonly happens when an engine is cold but can also happen after running and switching off for a period of time.

Engine starts but runs badly

Select this option if the engine will start but runs badly. This can include misfires, failing to achieve full RPM or stalling.