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Outboard Guide
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Often an outboard motor can starting and be running but still have problems with misfiring or lack of power etc. Select the symptoms that best describe your situation.

The engine stalls after starting

Select this option if your outboard starts but stalls afterwards.

Revs increase but boat doesn't accelerate

This is the situation where you open the throttle and the revs increase with the engine seeming to run strongly but the boat moves very slowly, or not at all.

The engine overheats when running

Like all internal combustion engines, outboard motors need to be cooled when running. Select this option if your outboard is overheating. You will generally be notified that the engine is overheating by an audible alarm, steam from the telltale or stalling after getting hot.

The engine runs rough or misfires

The engine runs rough, misfires, sneezes, coughs or splutters!

The engine has a vacuum leak somewhere.

When an engine has a vacuum leak extra air is being added after the fuel mixture thereby making the engine run lean.

Adjusting the valve clearance on a four stroke engine

Four stroke engines require the valve clearance (sometimes called valve lash) to be set correctly to compensate for expansion as the engine warms up.