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Outboard Guide

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An outboard's swivel bracket allows it to turn port and starboard as well as tilt up and down. Included in this section is the trim/ tilt motor and sensor if fitted, otherwise tilting is manual as with in the video below. With forward steering boats, the hydraulic ram or push-pull cables also run through the centre of the tilt tube. The swivel bracket attaches the outboard to the transom of the boat either with clamps, bolts, or both. Steering and trim-tilt problems are diagnosed by looking here.

There is a fault with the power trim/ tilt

Select this option if you are having a problem with the trim/ tilt on your outboard.

The outboard is hard to turn

Select this option if the steering on your outboard is stiff and hard to turn. This can either be through a helm with cable to the outboard or a tiller handle.

Mounting the outboard to the transom of the boat

This topic covers the details on bolting an outboard to the transom of your boat.

Cleaning the tilt tube

Push-pull steering cables pass through the inside of the tilt tube. If the inside of the tilt tube becomes corroded or the grease becomes hard the outboard will be hard to turn.

Replacing the tilt tube

The condition of the tilt tube affects the outboard's ability to both tilt up and down and for the steering cable to side freely and turn the motor.