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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you say at the start of your videos?

“Hey there, DangarStu here.”

Where did the name “Renko” come from?

Arkady Renko is a character in a series of Martin Cruz Smith novels that I really like. The most well known is Gorky Park that has also been made into a movie.

Who is the guy in the picture in the wheelhouse?

It is the character Steve Zissou from the movie The Life Aquatic.

Why is the channel called Dangar Marine?

Most of my experience with boats comes from living on Dangar Island for over 20 years. There is no bridge or car ferry between the island and the mainland so getting in a boat is the only way to come and go.

Does MarineEngine.com ship to Australia?

No. They did originally but unfortunately due to regional restrictions imposed by suppliers they are no longer permitted to ship outside the US. MarineEngine.com continues to sponsor Dangar Marine as YouTube is an international platform at by a long margin the majority of viewers live in the US.

Do you repair boats commercially?

As a licensed car mechanic I previously had a landbased workshop that mostly repaired cars. I do now however do a limited amount of boat repairs using Renko as a floating workshop.

What boat driving qualifications do you have?

I currently hold a Coxswains ticket from AMSA, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. This allows me to skipper commercial, passenger carrying vessels up to 12 metres in length.

What are you plans for the future of the channel?

Once Renko is up and running I will be using the boat to explore the coast of Australia, mostly to dive on as many interesting shipwrecks as I can. Since restoring Renko it has been become obvious that we are going to need a bigger boat. This may come from restoring another boat or perhaps building something from scratch. I will not be selling Renko, however, as I wish to have a working boat in the water while working on whatever boat comes next.